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In stock 2014 Supersix Evos on sale!

Tune up Specials!

Make your Mountain/Road Bike run better with our 3 tune up Special options!

Our $85 Deluxe tune up includes:
New Brake Cables and adjust Brakes
New Derailleur Cables and adjust Derailleurs
Lubricate brake and derailleur cable housing for long lasting performance.

Clean the entire bicycle and polish
Clean/degrease/relubricate drivetrain (chain, cassette, crankset, derailleurs)
True and tension wheels in our truing stand.
Test Ride
30 riding day guarantee on all repairs!

USED Bicycles in stock

All used bicycles come with LIFETIME Adjustments from Bonzai Cycle Werx (unless noted otherwise). There is no frame or fork warranty. Depending on age of the bike the Parts (shifters/brakes/wheels etc) may still have warranty (typically 1-2 years from ORIGINAL date of purchase w original owner)

Cannondale Women's Synapse 7 Sora C mismatch fork
Cannondale Women's Synapse 7 Sora C mismatch fork - 2013

MIS MATCH FORK - Customer wrecked hers. We ordered this bike for the fork.… [more]

  Schwinn USED Searcher Comp
Schwinn USED Searcher Comp - 2012

Schwinn's Searcher Comp is ready for relaxing rides down the bike path,… [more]

Trek USED 1.1
Trek USED 1.1 - 2012
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (130 Reviews)

Trek's 1.1 is a great choice for road riding fun. It boasts Trek's light… [more]

  Giant USED TCR Composite 2 (C2)
Giant USED TCR Composite 2 (C2) - 2005

Size chart - Small from… [more]

Cannondale USED Quick 3
Cannondale USED Quick 3 - 2010

Cannondale's Quick 3 is a great all-around road machine ideal for… [more]

  Specialized USED Dolce Sport Compact - Women's
Specialized USED Dolce Sport Compact - Women's - 2014

Customer had for 1 month. Bought the wrong size. Couple scuffs on Right… [more]

Demo bikes available!

These are our Demo bikes available to ride to see if you want to purchase one. 

How it works: You purchase bike, ride it wherever you want to ride it. When returned We can: 

1 - Refund all money minus $100/Day rental fee (You have 30 days to purchase a bike and the fee goes towards your purchase. Bike doesn't have to be the same bike you rode.) 

2 - you love the bike, we keep the money and order the ride you want, Unless we have one in stock. (Demo bike itself not available for final sale) 
---------If you want to order - You can ride the demo until yours comes in - Unless it's been booked by someone else in the time period. 

Saturday morning rides Update MTB and Road rides!

We will be starting our Saturday morning rides again! We will be doing a mountain and road ride every other week.

All rides can be found on our Google Bonzai Rides Calendar


June 14 @7:30am - Meet at the Hope Church perking lot for Gateway Park mountain bike ride! - if rained out we ride the Gravel Trinity.

June 21 @ 7:30am - Meet at the Shop for a 33,55 or 63 mile (Whoever shows up) Drop road ride.  (we will no longer be doing mutliple routes on the same day. If riders who want to go farther want to go together have at it!

June 28 @ 7:30am - Meet at Marion Sansom park for our Sansom park mountain bike ride! If we get rained out we meet @ Sansom and ride the Gravel Trinity (Part of Superman route).

July 5@ 7:30am - Meet at the shop for our 22 or 33 mile (depends on who shows up) NO DROP Road ride. Again we will only do one route. If riders want to meet up and do a longer/shorter ride Have at it!

This schedule will repeat until further notice. If you have a Facebook account Find us on Facebook for our Event updates!

Spring into your new ride with 0% Financing!

Have your eye on that new ride but don't want to wait on a layaway to bring it home today? We Finance!

We use GE Money for financing on anything in the store!

$250+ 6 months 0% interest

$500+ 12 months 0% interest

$1000+ 18 months 0% interest

My long Journey towards the perfect ride - 2013 Cannondale Scalpel 29'er Carbon 1

November 2, 2012... Do you remember where you were that day? I sure do. I was having one of the best rides on my 2013 Cannondale Scalpel 29'er ALLOY 3
Riding my benchmark trail - Marion Sansom Park in Lake Worth, TX. when all of a sudden:

It was 9am, The sun was coming through the trees at just the right angle to light my path on a beautiful day of riding and the best kind of terrain - Hero Dirt. An hour and 2 minutes into my ride, the sun came came through the trees, past my visor less helmet and blinded me for a split second. In that split second a shadow appeared, I saw stars and let out a guttural sound I've never made... 

For the rest of the review - click here:

2012/2013 IN STOCK Closeouts!

Origin-8 Crawler
Origin-8 Crawler - 2014
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Explore uncharted terrain with Origin-8's Crawler. This fat bike floats… [more]

  GT Karakoram Comp
GT Karakoram Comp - 2014

They don't put big wheels on monster trucks for nothing. GT's Karakoram… [more]

Cannondale Synapse 6 Tiagra C
Cannondale Synapse 6 Tiagra C - 2014

Cannondale's Synapse 6 Tiagra C zoom up and down hills with a lightweight… [more]

  Cannondale Tango SL 29 4 - Women's
Cannondale Tango SL 29 4 - Women's - 2014

Cannondale's Tango SL 29 4 is a great bike for on- and off-road… [more]

Cannondale Trail 20 Single Speed - Girl's
Cannondale Trail 20 Single Speed - Girl's - 2015

Hook your little rider up with the quality and low maintenance of… [more]

  Cannondale Trail SL 29er 3
Cannondale Trail SL 29er 3 - 2014
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)

Cannondale's Trail SL 29er 3 keeps it pure with large-diameter, thin-wall… [more]

GT Karakoram Elite
GT Karakoram Elite - 2015

Riders of all skills can appreciate the benefits of 29-inch wheels. They… [more]

  Cannondale Synapse 8 Claris - Women's
Cannondale Synapse 8 Claris - Women's - 2015

Feel the wind on your face as the miles roll by on Cannondale's fast,… [more]

Cannondale CAADX Disc Tiagra
Cannondale CAADX Disc Tiagra - 2014

Motoring down the road or zooming over the dirt, Cannondale's CAADX Disc… [more]

  Cannondale Trail SL 29er 2
Cannondale Trail SL 29er 2 - 2014

Cannondale's Trail SL 29er 2 takes it to the trail with Cannondale's… [more]

Cannondale Althea 3 - Women's
Cannondale Althea 3 - Women's - 2015

Go from the road, to dirt trails, and back again aboard Cannondale's… [more]

  Sun Bicycles Crusher 7
Sun Bicycles Crusher 7 - 2014

With a sturdy steel frame and massive, go-anywhere tires, Sun's Crusher 7… [more]

GT Performer (26-inch)
GT Performer (26-inch) - 2014

Growing up doesn’t mean growing out of BMX, so GT's proud to offer the… [more]

  Giant USED TCR Composite 2 (C2)
Giant USED TCR Composite 2 (C2) - 2005

Size chart - Small from… [more]

Cannondale Trail 20 - Boy's
Cannondale Trail 20 - Boy's - 2015
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Make sure your kid enjoys riding as much as you do by getting them started… [more]

  GT Timberline 2.0
GT Timberline 2.0 - 2014

GT's Timberline 2.0 conquers singletrack, trips downtown, and daily… [more]

GT Air
GT Air - 2014
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (4 Reviews)

If you're just getting into the sport and have a serious need to hit the… [more]

  Cannondale CAADX Disc 105
Cannondale CAADX Disc 105 - 2014

Experience why the combination of bikes, mud and cowbells creates such a… [more]

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 Rival
Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 Rival - 2014

Cannondale's Synapse Carbon 4 Rival features a fast, comfortable carbon… [more]

  Cannondale Synapse Carbon 6 105 - Women's
Cannondale Synapse Carbon 6 105 - Women's - 2014

Enjoy the easy rolling efficiency of a road bike with a slightly more… [more]

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Bonzai Offers Free Lifetime Adjustments!

Why Buy your next bicycle from Bonzai Cycle Werx? We will keep your new bicycle rolling for the life of the bike! What does that mean?

We offer the equivalent of our $40 tune up any time you need it. Unlike some other stores that only do the bare minimum of adjusting gears and brakes or sometimes you even have to purchase the plan.

Our free lifetime Bonzai tune up includes:

  • Adjusting Brakes
  • Adjusting Gears
  • True the wheels on the bicycle
  • Lubricate the chain using Rock and Roll Gold
  • Lubricate the Cables using Rock and Roll Cable Magic
  • Torque all of the bolts to manufacturer specifications
  • Check for any loose parts
  • Wipe the bike down

Didn't buy your bike from us? Thats OK - We offer the same premium service to anyone for $40!

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